Embedded Linux (PART 5)

•Basics Linux commands

•Using Wild Cards

•Linux Help Commands

•Composite Commands

•Shell script

•Searching Text (grep Command)

•Comparing Text Files

• Git

google drive link:



Project_1 part 4 :


• Dummy ECU in our system.

• It is used to send packets to ECU-1 via RS232 serial interface.


• It is used to receive packets from ECU-0 via RS232 serial interface.

• Validate the received data from ECU-0.

• Add the received time to the packet.

• Send the packet to ECU-2 via Ethernet Socket communication


• If ECU-1 terminates,

– It closes socket connections.

– It closes serial connections.


• It is used to receive packets from ECU-1 via Ethernet Socket

communication (client).

• Add the received time to the packet.

• Dump the received packet into file in ECU-2’s system files.

• If ECU-2 terminates,

– It closes socket connection.

– It creates a child process to show the dumped file to the user.

Project GitHup link


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